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A lawyer with experience is important to winning compensation in a lawsuit in California for a traumatic brain injury (TBI). If someone else causes a TBI, they can be held responsible by California courts for compensating the one injured.

Many experts say to find a TBI lawyer who specializes in California lawsuits. Most TBI survivors will not receive fair compensation if their lawyer lacks experience in California to present an adequate lawsuit.

Traumatic Brain Injury is brain damage caused by an external physical force leaving a person with significant problems in physical functioning, social skills and, sometimes, the ability to think.

Other behavioral symptoms may include: restlessness; impulsive behavior; anxiety; lack of desire; difficulty controlling emotions; decreased ability to cope with stress; depression; frustration; aggression and irritability.

All people are at risk for a TBI, with males 15-24 most at risk for traumatic brain injury, followed by child abuse victims and the elderly.

Before retaining a TBI lawyer, ask if they are familiar with lawsuits in California. Laws can vary by jurisdiction in a traumatic brain injury case. To ensure full compensation from a lawsuit an experienced California TBI lawyer is needed.

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