The cholesterol lowering medication Lipitor is the target of two recent lawsuits filed against the drug's maker, Pfizer, Inc.

The lawsuits allege Pfizer failed to adequately warn users about potential side effects.

The lawsuits were filed in New York State Supreme Court on behalf of Charles M. Wilson and Michael Mazzariello. Wilson is a 60-year-old former insurance executive from Atlanta and Mazzariello, a 47-year old attorney from New York.

Both men claim in their separate lawsuits that after they each began taking Lipitor they experienced debilitating pain, weakness and memory problems.

A spokesman for the pharmaceutical company said the lawsuits were "baseless." They said all potential side effects from the medication are clearly marked on Lipitor labels and are frequently mentioned in advertising.

Following the filing of the lawsuits, Pfizer issued a statement assuring users of Lipitor that the drug is safe. The statement said Lipitor has been extensively studied and it has a well-established safety record.

Anyone who has taken Lipitor and suffered an illness or injury, should seek a free case evaluation.